Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Let the religious people not offend the feelings non-religious ones

It is often said we should not offend the religious feelings and sentiments of the people. I think it should also be vice-versa. Religious people should also respect the feelings and sentiments of non-religious people and also of others.
It was during last week, residents in Choolaimedu had a horrible time when a group of local people celebrated `Adi Thiruvizha’ for a road side temple. As they celebrated the Thiruvizha by playing devotional songs from 4’o clock in the morning till 1.30 in the night through high-volume speakers put up at the entrance of four nearby streets, none of the residents in the area could sleep, watch TV or even attend phone calls.
No one can keep the door or windows open as the noise was unimaginably high. And as if that was not enough, the eighth day was the turn of an orchestra, again the songs were on the same high volume. No one needed to say that elderly people and children were the worst sufferers in the whole episode.
Having successfully disturbed, in fact tortured, the whole area for more than a week continuously, the `Adi Thiruvizha’ organizers chose to have a `fire walk’ (Thee midhi thiruvizha) on the last day, on the middle of the road blocking the whole way.
While no resident was dare to question the organizers, the policemen at the Choolaimedu police station which is just 50 mt feet away, did not come anywhere near to the `religious zone’.
What I should write further except to suggest you to read the first paragraph again.